Jun 28, 2018

Soul Crush Ep. 5 w Lisa Levine – Magic of Motherhood, Amma Love + the Power of Laughter

"The connection to Spirit, coming from a culture that is so totally traumatized by religion, just having a different kind of connection and sharing that with people is such a gift." 


"That's part of life too, we fall apart. We die and then we are reborn again, these are the cycles. Same thing with sorrow to joy, joy to sorrow. This is the human experience, we're all having the same human experience and we can laugh about it too, and see how funny it is because it is quite ridiculous being a human. It's helpful to laught at it."  – Lisa Levine


In todays episode my soul crush is longtime friend and healer Lisa Levine. We share lots of LAUGHTER and get into the power of healing, writing our prayers and slowing down, the spiritual growth of parenting, the intensity of Kali, Amma the hugging saint, and the magic of motherhood as an energetically sensitive woman. 


Find more about Lisa below and on her studio's website here and instagram @maharosenyc and @maharosenorth. Please rate us on iTunes and send me feedback or just connect on instagram @artofloving and on my website.


Lisa Levine MS LAc is a licensed acupuncturist, Reiki master, a natural healer and an artist as well as the founder of Maha Rose. The tools she uses are needles and moxa, touch, shiatsu, Reiki, guided visualization, the breath, laughter, and on very full moons- a song.

She wants you to remember who you really are; letting go of everything that isn't serving you and connecting with your more radiant Self. She specializes in mental and emotional disorders as well as trauma and major life changes. She is available for acupuncture, reiki, bodywork and breathwork and group breathwork and laughter sessions. She also offers spiritual business coaching and consulting.

Lisa completed her Reiki Masters with Padma Gonzalez in 2008, her Breathwork Healer Training certificate from David Elliott in 2009 and graduated from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in 2013  

Jun 14, 2018

Soul Crush Ep.4 Spirit Weavers Gathering - Kundalini Shakti + the Path of the Feminine

My Soul Crush on episode 4 is a gathering called Spirit Weavers. I'll explore what it means to me to walk the path of the feminine, Kundalini Shakti, the father wound, addiction, death and the beauty and power of women coming together to create, command, heal and awaken to our innate gifts and ways of serving this world in reverence to the Earth we walk upon. 

Spirit Weavers Gathering is a five day celebration of cultures past and present,  a remembering and practicing of basic human skills to ensure the survival of the body and the soul. Farming practices, working with fibers, weaving, creating ceremony, sharing meals at night and dreams in the morning, the making of plant medicines- singing songs, together as a community- these were the common knowledge ways and part of the simple pleasures of a life lived in balance and harmony with nature. Let us gather together as Women and share our skills in remembrance of the beauty path and an honoring of our Ancestors.


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