Dec 7, 2018

Soul Crush Ep. 14 Raïna Manuel-Paris – Yes and Hallelujah

"When you move so fast, where do you find that still point where you can remember you have this incredible participation in life, that your essence is that of absolute inseparability from life, that is the heart of love, that is this incredible universe and planet we are a part of."

In today's show I had the great honor to see this amazing author, teacher, and guide Raïna Manuel-Paris. We cover what it means to truly listen and relate, the inherent truth of our being, I read one of my fave poems that she has written, lots about Love, how our inner world affects our outer, and some amazing stories and myths that bring a greater understanding to the heart work I know many of you do.

Please give us a rating on iTunes and reach out with any questions and if you need nay heart support! Enjoy the wisdom held in this episode.

"If you can not truly listen without an agenda, if you cannot truly connect to the other person, if you cant really hear what the other person is saying, if you cannot see who they really are in their heart, in their vulnerability, then how can you relate to that person. How do you relate and how can you bring love into the equation." 

Raïna Manuel-Paris, born in Paris, France, lived in England and then moved to the United States in her early twenties. Her love of transformational story telling has taken her from an MFA in Film from Columbia University to a Ph.D. in Mythological studies and Depth Psychology. She is a published writer of non-fiction, poetry and several scholarly articles, as well as a documentary filmmaker. Her understanding of what gives meaning to daily life has led her to her work with dreams, and to include meditation practice in her classrooms.

     She also speaks on several subjects including “Love: Primal agent of change”, “War, Trauma and Spiritual Transformation”, and “The Major Arcanas of the Tarot as a Sacred Life Path”.  "The Cradle and The Crown" is her passion. It is a unique process she has developed over time. With it she helps people recover their natural innate joy and claim a felt sense of inner authority. She has been learning the frame drum, the ancient drum of priestesses, and Natural Horsemanship with the great teacher and trainer Chris Sobenes.

     "To come to a deeper understanding of the Self, and our connection to the Mystery, and Magic of this Life, one must embrace the relationship between ourselves and the world around us; one must have the awareness that we are part of the Natural World, not separate from it."


God is a Black Woman Writer by Raïna Manuel-Paris

God is a black woman writer
her name is Maya
Toni and Angela
God is a black woman writer
Alice Walker
sister outsider
God is a wild woman writer
Oh Oh Oh what a numinous power
God is a wild woman writer
‘Cause Pale and Male is not forever
And you got to know Mirabai and Sylvia,
And you got to know Emily and Djuna
And you got to say YES and Halleluiah (x2)

And god is a wild dancer
A winter night shape shifter
A new born cosmic dreamer
‘Cause your mother needs a prayer
And anything DEAD coming back to life hurts
Because never having your own life hurts
And you got to love your flesh
You got to love your flesh
And you got to love your hands
‘Cause they won’t
You know they won’t
They would rather cut off your hands
And tear out your heart if they can
And sew up your lips
Sew up your lips
And keep you silent
Yes keep you silent
But you were not born to be a slave
No! No! No! Not a slave
To history or family
Bigotry, or Patriarchy,
No! You were not born to be a slave

And you got to say YES, and Halleluiah (x2)
And the way forward is with a broken heart
All the way down to the wet ground of the heart
Because it’s all about love
It’s always been about love
Your inside eyes, you must trust
Before it all turns to dust
They show you a new vision
Your genius-heart-life-mission
Dancing like a maenad,
And praying like a nomad
Gathering all the storms
‘Cause you’ve never had a home
And there is no time to rewind
The trap of your embattled mind
Because it’s never been about making sense
No, it’s never been about making sense
It’s always been about making Self
O yes, it’s always been about making Self
God is a wild woman writer
And your broken broken broken heart is the healer
And you got to say YES and Halleluiah (x2)


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