Apr 30, 2019

Soul Crush Ep. 17 w Sara Avant Stover – Redemption + Radical Recognition

In this One Year anniversary and closing of this season of Soul Crush we get down with teacher and author Sara Avant Stover.

We get all into healing, the voice, speaking up, abortion and how we heal shame through sharing. How we are being asked to not only work on ourselves, but to turn around and do something to contribute to the wider problems int he world. Thank you for tuning in and send us feedback, join us on retreat in Ojai and connect on instagram @artofloving.

"We cannot draw boundaries between our Dark Goddess energy, sexual energy, creative energy, health and vitality, and spiritual energy — they are all one and the same. We need to recognise our innocent, luminous, erotic nature — not just with our minds, but also through our direct participation in life.

Once our raw vitality wakes up from old trauma and frozenness, it melts into the nectar that transforms the darkness into light, spirit into matter." (from The Book of SHE)

Learn more about Sara here.

"There is a soul thread, that is why we keep harping on the same things over and over, whether it's the message we are sharing with the world, or the issues we are working on ourselves, they are the same and we keep peeling back the layers."

Part of the healing of our world requires the healing of how we heal. Next month Sara is speaking in the Women’s Wellness Council to help shift this. Join her for this free, four-day interview series from the May 20-23 featuring conversations with fourteen pioneers of healing and feminine awakening to support and inspire women on a healing path.

Her interview is called “Coming Home to Yourself” and will air on May 21 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/6pm UK BST.

You can join me here: www.WomensWellnessCouncil.com



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