Aug 23, 2020

Soul Crush Ep. 22: Free Your Inner Voice with Nikki Slade

This episode is part of Power of Love School's Free Online Series, where we are learning about the roots of Yoga, how it can heal us and how we can open to more diversity and inclusivity into our practice, hearts, and lives.


Join Adriana Rizzolo with guest speaker, Nikki Slade in this discussion about chanting and Freeing Your Inner Voice.


In this episode, Adriana and Nikki share with our listeners:

  • Two offerings and examples of a mantra-chanting practice, for listeners to experience  the art and practice of chanting.

  • The basic origins of mantra and the examples of some of the Indian saints that brought this practice into being.

  • How the "pursuit of bliss" is actually not about the outer practices or environments we find ourselves in-but rather a practice of the inner growth and nurturing of the self.

  • Giving ourselves permission to choose our own devotion and beliefs to utilize to the fullest extent of our purpose her on earth.
  • Learning how a mantra and chanting practice is not discriminatory;  this practice can be integrated within any belief system.

To find out more about Nikki, her 25 years of practice with voice, chanting, and helping others reclaim their lives through song, check out her website at:

To learn more about these Free Virtual Classes with Adriana, her offerings and what Power of Love School is all about, visit


Aug 9, 2020

Soul Crush Ep. 21 Sex + Relationship with Olivia Clementine

In this 60 minute class Adriana + Olivia who are long time friends and dharma sisters, will discuss both practical and esoteric ways to connect to your sexuality as well as the spiritual path of relating. 

In this recording of their virtual class, Adriana + Olivia discuss some topics such as:

  • Ways to open to greater pleasure during sex, and how to stay cultivate it when alone.

  • Common communication pitfalls and ways we can open to greater intimacy both to ourselves and another.

  • How to stay in connection to our worth with boundaries when relating to others.

  • Meditation and guidance for connecting to the wildness of our love.

Olivia Clementine is a healer and mentor as a relationship guide, having deepened her own practices and teaching within the realms and cycles from the ancient Nyingma buddhist school, and Chöd from the 11th century Tibetan yogini Machig Labdrön.  

Olivia persistently explores methods of communication, somatic and subtle body awareness, erotic tension, as well as mind modifications that allow us the possibility to embody a liberating, real and compassionate version of intimacy.  You can find out more about Olivia's teaching at her website: 

You can also join Adriana + Olivia again for another free deep conversation + webinar of Taking Down the Armor Meditation + Embodiment August 15th, 10aPST  by clicking the link and signing up for the free webinar address. 

For more information on Adriana Rizzolo's work and her Power of Love School, please visit



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