Jupiter in Scorpio – Breathing Under Water + Saying Yes to Healing


In today's episode my soul crush is Jupiter in Scorpio and all the painful blessings in disguise we are asked to live through to learn the hard lessons in life. 


I share some words of wisdom from my friend and astrologer Heidi Rose Robbins on Jupiter in Scorpio and how I have been working with this energy as it is in my natal chart. I also share words from my sister and collegue Susanna Harwood Rubin on her experience navigating breast cancer, some poetry on grief by Jan Richardson and musings on explore the darkness, the shadows, and truth telling on the path of living in our Truth. 


For most of us this has been a challenging year to feel our ways through, adn still is. My wish is that this episode leaves you with some relief and connection to the Truth that we are all all One Body. That your feelings matter and can help create beautiful change and transformation, and that we are all saying YES to the surrender and resurrections we are asked to in this life step by step. May we dance with the darknes with more curiosity and compassion. 


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