Soul Crush Ep. 8 Jerome Braggs – A Return to Innocence


Happy Full Moon lunar Eclipse in Aquarius friends!


On today's episode I have the great good fortune to spend time with The Soul Medicine Man, Jerome Braggs. We had many laughs and he has SO MUCH good SOUL MEDICINE for you. We get into his whole journey with the voice, sexuality, shame, re-writing and healing ourselves and our stories, and returning to the innocence that we are as a way to transorm our lives. Ifn him @jerome_braggs on instagram and on his website and on Facebook here. He shares amazing work around Healing Race Relations from a Mystics Perpective and true healing through self-love and discovery.


"My greatest advice (which is also the lesson it took me the longest to learn) : Leave no part of yourself left unloved by you, nor still afraid."

"Disease wasn't what was killing me. Fear, shame, and self-supression were. Disease was what saved me. Cause it made me wake up and heal."


Please enjoy and leave us a rating on iTunes. Reach out to me @artofloving and my website for support and healing. 


Jerome Braggs, affectionately known as The Soul Medicine Man, is a gifted energy intuitive, channel, healer, transformational speaker, and spiritual teacher.


In 2005, Jerome Braggs was diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure, then given forty-eight hours to live. On his deathbed, Jerome had a mystical experience where he met his own Soul, and was told the keys to total healing and well-being: truly love yourself, and align with the soul. That experience led him to an awakening journey where he learned how to truly love himself, and align with the consciousness and vibration of his soul, which resulted in the miraculous healing of his body, and the transformation of his entire life into something delicious and flourishing.

Today, Jerome uses his intuitive abilities, and the sacred wisdom he gained through his journey, to teach people around the world how to heal, live well, and flourish through the miraculous power of the soul medicines.

Intuitively guided in the moment, Jerome’s messages are revolutionary, and delivered with a big dose of love, laughter, and soul.

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