Soul Crush Ep. 10 Alyson Charles - Humility as a Healer


On today's episode 10 of Soul Crush I have the good fortune to conenct with global thought leader, mystic keynote speaker, and tv host Alyson Charles. We talk everything form her main guru Jesus, channel in some sweet messages and mostly share a powerful time in the healing vortex with one another and now with YOU! It felt so good to receive this powerful woman's superpowers that stream from the supernatural into this very world we walk around.

Find Alyson here on her site  and instagram @iamalysoncharles and please find us on iTunes, give us a rating and reach out with any feedback or insights, I would love to hear from you. Find me on instagram @artofloving. 

More about Alyson -

Alyson has been a leading pioneer in merging the worlds of consciousness and media, taking it to places it has never been before:  she made history becoming the first person to ever perform on stage in the 25-year-history of the HBO Film Festival, where she guided a long-form meditation for over 10,000 peopleand regularly partners with and speaks at renowned global brands like The New York Times, National Geographic Channel, Tory Burch, Forbes, Art Basel, SAKS, ABC Radio, ELLE, SELF and others and now, through Alyson Charles Shamanic PR, she offers PR & branding services to clients making positive change for the world.

Alyson’s entire life path, since birth, has been immersed in one facet of healthy, awakened living to the next – intensive studies and journalism with metaphysics, national champion athlete, division I college coach, advanced certified personal trainer, advanced studies and immersions in meditation, healing, journeying and mysticism with other global leaders, indigenous elders of Mapuche Pewenche Nation, Mapuche Lafkenche territory, and the Catarpe of the Likan Antay Nation of the Atacama Desert, Sufi, Celtic and Egyptian traditions, Maestro Manuel Rufino and the Golden Drum Center for Sacred Traditions, Power Path School of Shamanism, Peruvian sacred traditions taught by Tito La Rosa, initiated by African shamanic ancestral elders of Yoruba, Bantu, and Mandinka, the Tuscarora Natives, and Quetzalcoatl.
Alyson has shaken loose from self-imposed limitations, shares her mastery of the art of playing big in full authentic glory and her story of going from suffering to surrender to service. Her on-going commitment to continued master studies, rites of passage and immersions in shamanism and mysticism, courageously exploring the ever-evolving highest potential and assisting countless people in reconnecting to their power has landed her as a leading global voice.

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