Soul Crush Ep. 12 Ike Ndolo - Finding Faith w Every Rising Sun



Our humanness is the path to this great acceptance that we don't have to become something or (someone else) to be connected, to live inside the experience of Grace and I know our suffering is a part of that.


Every road has its story.


"Music is so transcendant and can break down a lot of barriers and walls. Grace is huge bc you haven't even asked for it but it's available. Even the biggest sinner is never far from Grace. When it comes to your run of the mill mistakes like ones I've made that's really good news. But it's almost like too big in a way, that Grace is so big it's available to everyone no matter who you are. Which I think for some people is a hard thing to wrap their minds around. Nobody is beyond Grace. God is always near. We are not abandoned that to me is encouraging and beautiful. Even in the midst of our own brokenness in a broken world, a very broken world, we are not abandoned. I believe in the endurance of the soul." - Ike Ndolo

Growing up in Missouri as the son of Nigerian immigrants, the life of Ike Ndolo is a woven tapestry of experiences: hymns and Bob Marley, injustice and mercy, discrimination and acceptance. As a result, Ike has become a well-tested navigator of the human experience. He aims to share and guide you through stories that inform and even reorient your perspective.
With deep and soulful gospel roots, Ike draws from new wave R&B and powerful, vocal-driven performances, calling on modern influences such as Anderson .Paak and St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Sprinkle in some synth beats and surprising deconstructions of his former style and this makes his newest album, “Shine,” a monument that musically mirrors the many worlds he walks through daily.
Ike Ndolo released three singles in the summer of 2018, “Guiding Light,” “Your Table” & “Follow Me,” all of which are featured on his third LP, “Shine,” released on September 17th, 2018. Recorded at Gnome Studios in Nashville, TN in conjunction with Hardspeak Records.
I am BEYOND excited to share this episode of Soul Crush featuring Ike Ndolo, an amazing musican and human of devotion. We get in to how music heals and transmits the energy of Grace, working with grief and spreading the true teachings of Christ. 

What a deep honor have a listen and find Ike's music on spotify, connect with him on his website and instagram. Subscribe and give us a rating on iTunes and find us on Instagram @artofloving.

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