Soul Crush Ep. 28 Ram Dass & Embodying Love


Hello Soul-healers!
Adriana is back for the first episode of Soul Crush in 2021-Ram Dass and Embodying Love.
Join Adriana as she shares her account and relationship to Ram Dass and how her recent travels to Hawaii and the Ram Dass House have stirred up reminders of the life’s work and purpose she has dedicated herself towards.
Things that are asked in this episode:
  • What is Embodiment?
  • How do we Embody & Express the Love that We Are?
  • The legacy that Ram Dass left
  • How facing Grief can open us to Love
  • Learning to take chances and trust ourselves
  • Following our intuition and inner callings

We invite you to join Adriana this Saturday, May 15th for her class on self love and pleasure, called: EROS + EMBODIMENT

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