Soul Crush Ep.1 Heidi Rose Robbins ~ The Birth of Love



Join us for a healing session on this Full Moon in Scorpio with soul crush of episode 1 – astrologer, poet, teacher and podcaster Heidi Rose Robbins. We explore poetry, how to use astology as a tool for self-knowledge, transformation, authentic compassion and self-acceptance, riding the waves of the divine feminine in a conscious way and using this time we are in entering the Age of Aquarius as a way to give the highest gift of our individual soul Self to empower the group Self. Heidi has a natural gift of connecting us to the light of the soul in a way that helps us to feel safe to explore our darkness and use it for the good of all humanity. Heidi and I share a similar love for beauty, freedom and a hunger to explore all the textures of love. We close with a juicy meditation resting in the lgiht of the soul. 


You can find Heidi at and on Instagram @heidiroserobbins. Please subscribe to us on iTunes and give us a rating! Find me for healing and connection at and instagram @artofloving.






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