Soul Crush Ep.26 The Good Fight on the Full Moon with David Harshada Wagner


Join us this week with spiritual teacher, author & artist David Harshada Wagner
In this episode, David and Adriana Rizzolo celebrate and relate this Full Moon in Aries season to today's overwhelmed society, the f**kery of leadership seen today, and how this all can actually relate and be addressed in learning and delving deeper into the Bhagavad Gita.
Things that are brought up in this conversation:
  • Why the Bhagavad Gita is the most "seminal texts" of the Indian-Hindu traditions and how it relates and shines light on today's climate. 


  • Leadership & F**kery.  How these times of watching our leaderships fail is causing an overwhelming feeling of disempowerment as citizens are unsure of what they can do during these times. 


  • "What is our Good Fight to be Fighting Right now?" Taking the idea of "fighting a good fight" internally: of finding your individual purpose and then confronting your inner enemies.
  • Dharma and Swadharma: the importance of knowing your purpose right now.  Knowing that if we don't decide, others out there are more than willing to try and find that for you.


  • Warrior Consciousness.  A willingness to not be guided by fear.  Learning to let go of the hate and anger surrounded in fear and using these instead to guide you to address your inner enemies.


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